Personalisation & Brand Logos

If you are looking to get your logo embroidered or looking for a customised piece then you've come to the right place. I provide two different services which I will explain in detail below:

Brand Logos:

  • This service is great for companies looking to get their logo embroidered onto their uniform, you will firstly need to provide me with the logo you want to use by emailing this to me, I will then review the image and tell you if I am able to complete your request. I review them as some logos and designs can be too complicated for the embroidery machine.

  • If all is well, I will then require you to tell me the correct size and other relevant information you may wish to tell me. 

  • You will also need to let me know whether or not you are sourcing the clothing or if I will need to do this, costs will decrease if you provide the clothing yourself. 

  • Once we have gathered all the information needed, you will need to purchase my custom order listing, I will change the price accordingly to your order. 


  • Much of the above applies to personalisation, however you will be sending me a private customisation, this service is great for gifts for family and friends etc.

  • As stated above I will need all the relevant information regarding size, thread colour and outsourcing the clothing. 

Please note - I do not accept designs that go against copyright laws, please do not send me branded logos. I also don't do socks, hats or jackets.

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