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Sleeve Cuff Embroidery Add On

If you would like sleeve embroidery please add this listing to the checkout. If you have purchased a set of hoodies or sweatshirts and would like the embroidery on both items please add this listing to the checkout twice by selecting 'quantity 2.' If you would like any other symbol such as a heart we are able to do '<3,' however, we cannot do anything that isn't text.


If you are looking for sleeve embroidery on just a plain hoody or sweatshirt please add the ‘blank hoody’ or ‘blank sweatshirt’ option to your basket as well as the ‘embroidery sleeve cuff add on.’

Dates and numbers are also accepted.

Sleeve Cuff Embroidery Add On

  • Please note that if you are ordering a custom hoody/sweatshirt or t-shirt they cannot be returned or refunded due to the nature of being a small business.

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